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Gourmet Bagels: The Most Festive Options on Our Menu

We’re in the holiday spirit here at Bagel Mill, and our seasonal specials are proof of that. You can pre-order pies and pastries for your holiday gatherings or a dozen bagels to enjoy your favorite brunch at home with your family! All our gourmet bagels are perfect for a celebration at any time of the year, but since it’s the holiday season, we’re highlighting the most festive options on our menu.


Get festive with our gourmet bagels! Here are our favorites to enjoy during the holiday season.


Seasonal Specials: Gingerbread and Cranberry Orange

We have to start with the bagels we make special for the holidays. Our gingerbread bagels were such a hit last year that we decided to bring them back! We spent a long time tweaking the recipe to preserve the chewy texture you want from a bagel while including all the flavors of gingerbread. For something a little lighter, we also have our cranberry orange bagels again this year. These seasonal flavors are perfect to add some holiday magic to your breakfast or brunch.


Keep It Sweet: Cinnamon Swirl and Cinnamon Raisin

Now we turn to some of our regular flavors. Even though we serve these bagels all year, there’s still something special about cinnamon. It adds a little sweetness and heat to a comforting favorite. Try our cinnamon swirl bagel for a bagel with a pleasantly crispy exterior or our cinnamon raisin bagel for extra bursts of sweetness.


Treat Yourself: Chocolate Chip

When talking about bagels that get us in a festive mood, we can’t leave out the chocolate option! Nothing says “special treat” quite like including chocolate chips in your breakfast food. While you’re out and about buying gifts for your loved ones, get yourself something nice and enjoy a chocolate chip bagel. If you’d rather treat yourself later in the day, save a chocolate chip bagel for a snack, along with an afternoon coffee!


Make the Holidays Special with Gourmet Bagels

What are your holiday breakfast plans? Order some gourmet bagels from Bagel Mill so you can have all your favorites to share with your family and loved ones. We’re closed on Christmas Day, but you can order ahead to pick up your bagels the day before so you don’t miss out on your favorites!


Contact us by phone or email to get your orders in. This is a busy time for us, so don’t wait!

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