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How We Keep Up with the Demand for Gourmet Bagels

Just before Christmas, the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript ran an article about Bagel Mill and how we keep up with the demand for gourmet bagels over the holidays. But just because the holiday rush has subsided, that doesn’t mean our customers have given up their craving for bagels. Locals stop by regularly, and folks who used to live nearby make sure they visit us whenever they’re in town. In fact, August is one of our busiest months, with people squeezing in end-of-summer trips and college students returning to their dorms.


How do we inspire such loyalty in our customers? Let’s take a look at gourmet bagels from Bagel Mill are different than other bakers’.


The Bagel Mill Difference

We’ve been open since 1996, and we make our bagels fresh every day. There are a lot of differences between our bagels and the bagels you’ll find on the shelf at the grocery store. The most important difference, however, is that ours are fresh. Because of their dense, chewy texture, bagels are best when they’re fresh out of the oven.


The Weekend Demand

Weekends are when people like to go out to breakfast or have the time to run their errands and stock up for the week. While we made about 3,000 bagels for the weekend before the holidays, we still make and sell about 700 on a typical Saturday. That’s a lot of bagels! But even throughout the week, we still have plenty of customers come in for our bagels. Students who come home from college make sure that they eat with us while they’re home. We even have people who used to live in the area make time to grab some bagels when they’re around for the holidays and throughout the year. We’ve even heard that people have taken bags of our bagels with them on planes!


Seasonal Experiments

There are, of course, the tried-and-true favorites, but we also like to experiment with seasonal bagel flavors. We have seasonal flavors that come up in the rotation every year, like pumpkin, cranberry orange, banana chocolate chip, and maple twist. This holiday season, we also tried something new with our first gingerbread bagel. It took a few tries to get the texture right, but once we got it, we were pretty pleased with the results! What do we have for you to try in August? You’ll have to come and find out!


Stop by for breakfast or lunch or for gourmet bagels to take home! We’re open from 6 to 3 Monday through Saturday and 7 to 2 on Sunday.

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